The Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi, Dubai, honors Global Like-Minded Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Family Offices.

Our overarching mission is to raise awareness about the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as preeminent destinations for relocation, expansion, and cultivating relationships and partnerships. This dynamic region is continually advancing, and we are dedicated to providing targeted assistance to select companies through tailored roadshows, exclusive family office gatherings, and consistent representation.

We take great pride in our established global network and family legacy, which are firmly rooted in the principles of integrity. It is a privilege to participate in this region’s remarkable economic vision, which is focused on achieving visionary growth and sustainable development.

Our ultimate objective is to establish an unrivaled, secure platform for Family Offices and Family Businesses from the United Arab Emirates, GCC, and across the globe to establish enduring, meaningful connections with one another.

As a member of the Ruling Family, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi is adherent that the foundations of any prosperous nation are the expansion of family business and entrepreneurship.


Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi. “WORLD IMPACT DAY” is held under the theme of “Establishing the United Arab Emirates as the center of Partnership Opportunities,” for global leaders. This is a unique opportunity to participate with The Private Office of His Highness and explore investment opportunities in advanced technologies and sustainable solutions.

Targeting investors for a green shoe Investment where multi-billion funds are driving deployment.
Positioning this unique opportunity for investors to participate, building long-term partnerships and value.

With this opportunity, we facilitate very special access via the globally known ASIA-IO Tesla Program, to bring ticket sizes up to $7 million USD for a strategic position in a singapore based techhnology fund where the lead investor has previously lead over billion dollars of technology projects globally.

This prestigious event will feature global leaders in which ASIA-IO is investing in. Offering thought-provoking discussions, insights into the United Arab Emirates’s investment policies, and partnership opportunities in various high-growth industries. Following the United Arab Emirates’s vision for increased investment in advanced technologies, World Impact Day aims to capture regional investment through the green-shoe methodology for five new industries entering the United Arab Emirates and Middle East markets.


UNDER THE THEME: “Establishing the United Arab Emirates as the center of Global Opportunities,” attracting World Industry Leaders. The event will feature engaging panel discussions and breakout sessions covering topics such as:

  • United Arab Emirates Investment Policy
  • Partnership Opportunities in the United Arab Emirates
  • Tesla Ecosystem: Demanding cross-discipline expertise
  • Leveraging the friendly investment climate in the United Arab Emirates for Growth opportunities
  • Investing in the Manufacturing Renaissance
  • Revolutionizing Product Design & Processes
  • Harnessing AI
  • Human-centric Automation
  • Advanced Material & Device Breakthrough
  • Innovative Sustainable Solutions
  • Semiconductors as a competitive advantage
  • Resilient supply Chain system
  • Transforming Industrial real assets
WORLD IMPACT DAY is presented by MIRAI JMAC and ASIA-IO, offering unparalleled networking opportunities with the most prestigious investors in the region. Don’t miss out on this exclusive, private event by invitation only, where industry leaders and prequalified investors unite to make a lasting impact by investing in advanced technology and sustainable solutions.

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High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs): Individuals with substantial financial assets who are looking to diversify their investment portfolios and explore opportunities in advanced technologies and sustainable solutions.






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Warehouse Portfolio Companies
Government Advisors Country Ambassadors & Commercial Mission Leaders
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As an invite-only event, you will have exclusive access to a highly curated group of industry leaders, prequalified investors, and the most prestigious investors in the region, offering an unparalleled networking opportunity.


Engage in thought-provoking panel discussions and breakout sessions that delve into various high-growth industries and investment opportunities, such as AI, sustainable solutions, manufacturing, and more.


As an invite-only event, you will have exclusive access to a highly curated group of industry leaders, prequalified investors, and the most prestigious investors in the region, offering an unparalleled networking opportunity.


Learn about the latest trends, strategies, and innovations in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East markets, and explore partnership opportunities in high-growth industries entering the region.


By attending this event, you will be aligning your investment interests with the United Arab Emirates's vision of increasing investment in advanced technologies and sustainable solutions, contributing to the country's long-term growth and prosperity.


Asia-IO Partners is a specialty Asian investment partner with a single focus: to generate superior return through transformative private equity investments centered around Asia’s pillar industries: advanced materials and battery technologies, semiconductors and electronics, automotive, and industrial automation and software – essentially mirroring the “Tesla Ecosystem”.

Since 2015, our investment and team-building philosophy is intertwined with the mega-theses of Digital Transformation, Energy Transition and Supply Chain Diversification.

Building on a track record of 12 investments over 8 years as well as inheriting the DNA of some of the most accomplished technology buyout institutions in Asia, we would like to launch our maiden commingled fund, starting with a Warehoused Portfolio Partnership of six companies in which larger investors may also participate selectively, with a view to bridge the advanced manufacturing connectivity between Asia and the GCC.


Kiran Murthi

Co-founder, Growthfi

Sanjiv Gupta

CEO, SpiceXpress

Neeraj Chandra

COO, Medoplus Services Pvt. Ltd.

Siva Ramanathan

CGO, Ksher

Gregory Bunch

Adjunct Professor, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

Patrick Martinent

CEO, Tanalink SDN BHD

Kirill Zhuchkov

Director, Product Marketing at Microsoft


Founder, The Sherpa-in-Chief

Leanne Mair

Founder & MD, Benefactum Consulting

Dev Tripathy

Director Finance-Health System, Philips India Ltd.

Kimberley Parker

Founder, Flow4more

Professor Paul Morrissey

Chairman, NOVA

Sophie Aligner

Co-Founder & COO, Alive, Fit & Free

Dhilip Purushothaman

CEO & Co-Founder, Aaltree Ventures

Mario Aquino

Founder, FutureLabs Venture

Harita Gupta

SVP, Sutherland

Sukirti Gupta

Founder, Sipping Thoughts

Sandeep Tyagi

Head - HR, Chemical Divison - Uflex

Vineet Kapoor

MD, Hotlink

Suresh Naagar

CEO & Co-Founder, EasyMedico

Klaus Oestermann

President & CEO, Bedrock Systems

Matthew Barsing

CCO, Gecko Digital

Umesh Ravindranath

Non-Executive Director, Siliconchips-services

Apurva Purohit

Co-Founder, Aazol

Inna Uvarova

Founder, Business Careers Consulting

Vinod Sivarama Krishnan

CIO, Indus Towers Ltd.

Saumyajit Roy

CEO & Co-Founder, Emoha Eldercare

Juha Christensen

Founder & Chairman, Star

Pedro Uria

CIO, True Digital Groupe

Saumen Chakraborty

CFO, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Nirupama Subramanium

Co-Founder, Growing Leadership of Women

Tojo Jose

Former CHRO, Muthoot FinCorp Ltd.

Dan Venkatesan

CEO & MD, Ameex Technologies

Rohit Bhayana

Co-Founder, Lumis Partners

Zion Garcia

Founder & CEO, Key Player Capital Group

Deepak Pant

MD, Publicis Groupe

Gagan Raandev

Executive Director, India Sotheby's International Reality

Ruchira Chaudhary

Founder, TrueNorth Consulting

Ramakrishna V

CHRO, Home First Finance Co. India Ltd.

Yucel Erbilgic

Country Manager, Wipro

Ashish Kumar

Partner, The Fundamentum Partnership

Gregory Griffiths

Founder & Chairman, IDEAX Ventures

Karthik Chandrasekar

Founder, AIC-Sangam

Swaminathan Radhakrishnan

CRO, CreditSutra

Sandeep Ahuja


Ketan Krishna

People Head,

Mehmood Khan

Managing Trustee, Rasuil Kanwar Khan Trust

Asad Raza Khan

International CEO, The Art of Shavings

Peter Jensen

CEO, RocketFuel Blockchain Inc

Abhilash Misra

CEO, NSE Academy

Ram Mohan

Co-Founder, CreditSutra

Naveen Chopra

Founder - Chairman, TC Global India Pvt. Ltd.

Suresh Raju

Founder - Director, Golden Hills Capital India

Sutapa Banerjee

Founder & CEO, Secret Skin

Andrea Janjua

CMO, Fine Hygenic Holdings

Anders Christjansen

Advisor, Innovation Center Denmark

MV Natrajan

Business Head, KJ Foods

Ivan Chelebiev

Founder, Chicago Global

Geetansh Bamania

Founder, RentoMojo

Simon Childs


Neha Bagaria

Founder & CEO, JobsForHer

Eleni Papapostolou

Demand Generation Manager, Crayon

Abhay Kapoor

CHRO, Suzuki Motors Gujarat Pvt. Ltd.

Ian Champion Banks

CEO, Sqreem Technologies

Sandeep Bhalerao

CEO & Founder, InnovEAT USA

Keirn O'Conner

Founder & CEO, Peasy

Bhavin Shah

Founder, Sameeksha Capital

Chanpreet Arora

SVP, Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd.

Joji George


Nor Al .H Benmelha

Founder, Ratable